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Deciding to sell your business is often the easy part. How to go about selling it is another challenge altogether. Sunbelt has been in the business of selling businesses for over 30 years and our knowledge and experience will help you achieve your goals.

Sunbelt of Richmond business brokers are trained professionals who are aware of your needs. In fact, many of our brokers have experience as business owners. Whether you are ready to sell your business now, or are just beginning to consider selling, call us for a confidential, no-cost, no obligation appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us and one of our business brokers help you get started. Still unsure? Learn more about the business sales process before contacting one of our business brokers.

Why should I use a sunbelt business broker when I decide to sell my business?

The 250-office Sunbelt Network, by its very nature, helps to ensure the quickest possible sale of your business by leveraging the following resources:

Our Name: Sunbelt of Richmond has the ability to support the sale of your business from the signing of a Representation Agreement through closing. Sunbelt has been rated the top business brokerage firm since 1995.

Our Exposure: As a member of the Sunbelt Office Network, we place your business in front of a multitude of business brokers across the globe. Each Sunbelt office can confidentially access your listing and help promote the sale of your business.

Our Edge: A large number of brokers in the Sunbelt Network are former business owners or executives. They understand the concerns expressed by business owners in regard to the sale of their businesses. We provide you with practical answers to the basic questions all sellers ask:

  • What is my business worth?
  • What kind of financials do I need to provide when I sell my business?
  • How do I ensure confidentiality?
  • What is the most effective way to find qualified buyers?
  • What kind of financing is available to help me sell my business?
  • How do I deal with “off the books” transactions?
  • How do I screen buyers?
  • Will I have to carry a note when I sell my business?

Our Method: Our team is trained in the specific business brokerage disciplines that produce results. Consultation on a variety of business issues is available at your request as your selling process evolves. Selling a business is an intricate process that requires a very specific expertise as well as the ability to solve problems in a practical yet creative manner. We do realize, however, that all businesses are unique and that applying a “cookie-cutter” approach will not be the most effective method. We always try to tailor our marketing and procedures to accommodate the needs of your business and your concerns. Our intent is always to keep you informed and involved in the sale of your business. We know you want the freedom to concentrate on your business while we find you the right buyer.

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Selling your business is a major decision. Contact Sunbelt of Richmond today to get started.